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Anyone who is looking for a hassle-free way to organize a family reunion, fun group trip, ladies/gent's getaway, couples' weekend, anniversary celebration, or company retreat would likely be interested in using New Traditions World Travel for planning. Here's why:

  • Less planning for the organizer: The organizer wouldn't have to deal with the nitty-gritty of booking venues, flights, activities, etc. New Traditions World Travel would handle it all.
  • Easy for invitees: Family and friends would simply need to follow a link to see the trip details and RSVP.

Here's how you can spread the word:

  • Share the link: Once New Traditions World Travel has finalized the trip plan, they'll provide you with a link to share with everyone. You can include this link in an email invitation or post it on a website (family, group, company...etc.) or social media group.
  • Highlight the benefits: Let your family and friends know how easy it is for them to attend by mentioning that all the planning is done and they just need to follow the link for details and RSVP.