My passion for people and travel has   defined my life’s journey. Married for 32   years to my husband Darrell, I am the proud  mother of three adult daughters and   has found joy in creating unforgettable memories. I’m passionate about traveling, especially to Sandals Resorts and cruising. As a Register Behavior Technician with 35 years of experience as a CNA, my purpose is caring for others. Driven by my love of exploring I founded New Traditions World Travel, LLC to share my expertise and empower families to forge new traditions through exciting adventures, creating unforgettable memories. Let's get started! Gerilynn Taylor



"To design enriching travel journeys that bridge culture and generations, fostering a deeper appreciation for traditions and creating lasting memories for families."


"To transform travel from a journey to a destination, into a transformative experience that fosters connection with new cultures and traditions, creating lasting memories and a broadened worldview."


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